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Have Been Unavoidably Detained By The World

Expect Me When You See Me

eldarwannabe eldarwannabe
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Because there's obviously always something new at Hulu!
Watching all of X-Men Evolution on Hulu, mostly because I can. It's also the X-Men animation I most enjoy (no, I haven't seen the newest one yet. Shhhhh.) because of the higher production value as compared to the older stuff. What can I say? I like my animation somewhat smooth. I also like the stylization - it's amusingly not the same as Batman: TAS, and yet the comparison is inevitable for so many reasons.

I also caught up on the Astonishing X-Men action comic. Gosh, I remember when I first saw these, when the Crossgen company was promoting Sojourn on AOL. (I feel old) I used to watch them avidly. This was before I was really reading comics seriously, so I don't think I totally understood Crossgen at that point, and I didn't totally get everything, but I enjoyed it. It's kinda funny that the form seems to be making a sudden surge now, but they do translate better to portable platforms (iphones, anyone?) better than real comics ever could.

X-Men Evolution was a great series. The first season, all build-up and recruiting, was kind of slow, but then it really picks up. Sucks that season 4 never got a DVD release.

Yeah, I finally got through the first season. There were some fun bits but it did drag a little. I mean, the cast wasn't exactly a surprise, thanks to the opening.

So now I'm launching into the next season. I'm hoping to finish the whole show during winter break, along with some other stuff.

And I didn't know season 4 never got released. Huh. Good thing they put on Hulu.

Well, Rogue was kind of a surprise, wasn't she?

Season 3 is technically the only thing that got an official season release, but DVDs with four episodes each were released for every episode of seasons 1 and 2. I'm glad 4 is available on Hulu (the ending is pretty cool), I still wish I could have it on DVD.

I was actually surprised it took Rogue so long to come to the Side of Good. I guess the comics/movies/internet kinda spoiled that one for me. (Plus, she was foreshadowing her inner conflict.)

Weird that they didn't give seasons 1 and 2 proper releases. They did the same individual-DVD-releases thing for Avatar:TLA, but then they did the whole seasons, which I personally prefer. (of course, different time, franchise and fanbase, I guess)

The thing about owning shows on DVD (and I'm slowly working my way through buying the DCAU, so it's not like I don't love owning them) is that I'm terrified of scratching the disks. I have so many problems with a lot of DVD's I have, and it drives me nuts that I can spend all that money and still not necessarily have perfect access to the episodes.

Well, she had to be good at some point (then again, I said the same thing about Pietro), but it was shocked the X-Men did such a lousy job of recruiting her. Maybe it would've helped if they FOUND OUT HER NAME!

Is it bad that whenever one of my DVDs gets too scratched, I rent it from Netflix and swap out mine for theirs? Hey, it's not like my discs are completely broken...

I know! Every time they were like, "it's the Rogue!" I gave the screen weird looks. It wasn't like they were calling Jean "Marvel Girl" the while time.

Their recruitment pitch was also pretty lousy. Pretty much every time they started it, it was rejected. Only after fighting/angst could people really come to understand the X-Men! Oh, wait, I guess that's actually true.

And in terms of DVDs, you, sir, are brilliant.

It's also funny how in school they avoid having people saying Rogue's name.

I'd say I'm more devious than brilliant.