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Have Been Unavoidably Detained By The World

Expect Me When You See Me

eldarwannabe eldarwannabe
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Thank goodness for AO3.
Tripping around an Old LJ of Yore (long story) and got linked to this blog post in which an author explains that fanfiction is illegal and also mostly unjustifiable.

BUT THE COMMENTS. Oh my gosh, the amount of people who are like "we totally agree with you about that fanfiction, the gross stuff, but our ~pure~ fanfiction is really different, really!"

Oh, man, I am so happy that I didn't re-join fandom until this had mostly blown over and I had very little contact with this attitude. I mean, I write and mainly read canon-compliant fics but I think non-canon-compliant fics (even the explicit sex stuff! Even the really weird stuff!!) is important and worthy of protection and YKINMKBYKIOK.


And there have been some threads on tumblr from young people agreeing with this stuff, which is only not worrying because AO3 is around. Thanks, AO3!

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