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Have Been Unavoidably Detained By The World

Expect Me When You See Me

eldarwannabe eldarwannabe
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All I want to do is talk about Harry Potter. All the time.
So, I've started to use tumblr more actively recently. And by actively I mean, "definitely not the way the founders intended, the site HATES me, whatever." I mostly started it because I noticed that people leave tumblr (like all other sites) but by a quirk of the site, if you reblog something you basically get a permanent copy on your own blog. And I realized that three THREE of my favorite fanartists have taken down their fansites in the past few years and I PANICKED.

So one subblog is just me reblogging fanart. Great.

Then I noticed that while I was looking for fanart, I kept finding really fantastic meta. So I started a new subblog just for meta.

So there I am, my main blog where I'm experimentally crossposting, my art subblog, and my meta subblog.

I just reblog for the art. Virtually no added comments or tags, just a collection of fanart, messy and disorganized.

On my meta blog, I starting putting in tags. Not a lot, but making comments on meta I actually disagree with, or pieces I find particularly compelling or fascinating. On at least two occasions I've really written out entire response posts because the original meta was just SO interesting.

So, I'm pottering along for a few weeks, and this is tumblr so I'm not really sure how to measure success or anything so I start poking at my stats.

My main blog is still functionally unsued, so the only people I really interact with are [personal profile] lannamichaels, [personal profile] batyatoon and iceshade. Except...the occasional porn blog follower. :/

The fanart one is weirdly gaining a tiny following. Which is fun, and amusing as I seem to be followed by a lot of people who don't share my 'ships. Sorry! Hope you like the art! (Hope all of you don't unfollow me after my Draco/Astoria BINGEFEST tonight!)

The meta one, which is growing to be my absolute favorite little collection of mostly-organized awesome thoughts from the internet? Followed almost exclusively by porn blogs.


This would be the place on LJ where I would likely actually have conversation. Tumblr remains terrible for what I want.

That said, I have found a lovely group of people writing Cursed Child fanfic, so I just have to screw up my nerve and start leaving comments again?

(This entry is also posted on Dreamwidth.org. Feel free to comment on either site. Although my dreamwidth background has space! Spaaaace!)

Ooh, I want meta!
I've had a hard time finding it, especially Fantastic Beasts. Because it's fun to rip things apart and be like, it sucked, but I want something more.

I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts yet, actually! Although I have to admit that I'm already side-eyeing it pretty heavily, so I miiiiight not be the best person to talk to when I do see it this week. Sorry!

Meanwhile, I'm 100% obsessed with Cursed Child, which is making me even more invested in a lot of the original HP characters.

But good meta is about more than "this sucked." You gotta dig into the characters and the plot and the motivations and the story! I especially like meta that fills in the holes in the story, like "huh, this doesn't make sense but what if this other thing was happening behind the scenes?"

Yes! Start leaving comments!

Look at meeeee leaving a comment here! It's not so hard! You can do it!

Re: Yes! Start leaving comments!

Yes, because we know each other! That's TOTALLY not the same thing!

Re: Yes! Start leaving comments!

what? We don't know each other. We are both faceless internet beings.

Re: Yes! Start leaving comments!


Yes. Hello, faceless internet being. :D