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Have Been Unavoidably Detained By The World

Expect Me When You See Me

eldarwannabe eldarwannabe
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Why not a Paternoster Gang spin-off, though?
This new Doctor Who spin-off looks like some kind of Torchwood-inspired high school AU.

I expect cameos from the all the Sarah Jane kids. And some tributes to Elisabeth Sladen.

(This entry is also posted on Dreamwidth.org. Feel free to comment on either site. Although my dreamwidth background has space! Spaaaace!)

Can we have Micah and David Davies then?


Although I doubt anyone running the show even remembers them anymore. :(

When I saw news about the new spin-off (which I only found out about because I once noted on Facebook that I liked Doctor Who and Facebook has since automatically converted that into me "liking" the Doctor Who Facebook page and occasionally drops posts from the DW FB page onto my news feed), I was really surprised that more people weren't talking about and I hadn't heard about it before! It actually is super up my alley (I would always be 100% down to read fanfic about people's lives post-Doctor)! But then I remembered that my flist and tumblr dash have collectively not stopped talking about Doctor Who as much as they used to ...

I saw it in my Dreamwidth newsfeed, in the off-topic post from a comic book community. No one else was talking about it!

I thought it was a fan trailer when I saw the title and had to double-check that it's real. But honestly, this could get me into Doctor Who again because I'm WILDLY curious about these kids and the Doctor. (And frankly, Torchwood was what got me into DW the first time. :D)