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Time to dig into some Optional Canon and confuse myself!
I actually went to dig up my old Pottermore account today. looks like old Pottermore accounts are defunct and I have to make a new one? But I love my old username! SeekerMugwump142, I hardly knew you!

Plus, it looks like they got rid of dueling. Which was the one feature I had fun playing with. :/

ETA: Oh, no, it looks like I can reclaim my house affiliation. PHEW. Imagine if I'd been resorted out of Hufflepuff???? D:

But it looks like all the cool features went away because "The new Pottermore has been designed to appeal to a more mature audience". Ugh, mature audiences. I can find those anywhere on the internet.

ETA2: Oh, it looks like my username is lost forever. :(

BUT I FOUND OUT MY WAND DETAILS AGAIN! "Sycamore wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾ inches and Slightly Springy."

ETA3: Ugh, no, no Ilvermorny house for me. Odds are good that I wouldn't have attended anyway; the US is VERY POPULATED.

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Not long before the old (better) Pottermore disappeared they had an option to print out a certificate with your username, wand, house, &c. I too miss my PurpleRune94. I also really liked the old artwork so it's a shame that it's lost to time??? They worked so hard on that site, adding sounds and little movements that it's such a shame that it was gone four years later....

They got rid of the art too? The art was fantastic!! :(

Why did they change the site so much? I mean...why??

It seems like the artwork appears in miniature form, sometimes, above articles and so forth, but I can't find it in full form anywhere. I wonder if their servers couldn't handle the site, or something? Because the last few chapters only came out a few months before the site shut down, I didn't really get much time to look at them. :/ Why couldn't they have both sites??

And after playing around with the site, it's really hard to even find the bits of artwork that I like. Or...any information. It's such a mess!! :(


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