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More fanfiction, y/y?
It's going to a bit of all Harry Potter, all the time, for a while at least. I can't help it. The play was like this shot of adrenaline in the fandom-lobe of my BRAIN.

The problem is that while ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD is to read a ton of Harry Potter fic right now, I forgot this fandom is super-dedicated to ships I don't see. I don't ship Harry/Draco, Hermione/Draco, Harry/anyone old enough to be his father, Hermione/anyone old enough to be her father, Harry/Hermione, or Sirius/Remus. (The fandom doesn't seem super interested in Ron.)

That's...a lot of fic I'm not particularly interested in reading. Which is how fandom rolls, mostly. It goes off into white-dude-slash-trends and that's fine. I've just been completely spoiled by Torchwood and Inception, both in quality of fic, and 'ships that were either canon or for some reason fine in my brain. (Inception is weird. I think my brain just ignored the move and bought into the shared fan!canon instead. I did read fic before seeing the film and the fic is tip-top-notch.)

I have a lot (A LOT) of feelings about the "no homo!" aspects of Cursed Child, but I'll come back to that, I'm sure, so that leaves me with canon pairings, overall. (I will pine for some really fantastic Dumbledore/Grindelwald unhealthy-relationship youth-pining disaster fic.)

So I'm in a in a weird place. I could go off and try to find gen fic, of which there are cubbyholes. I have a friend who isn't into fandom at all except for being a TOTAL Harry/Ginny fangirl, so I've asked her to send me recs, which I'm looking forward to browsing. But my old craving for Marauder fic is coming back and it's a mess down there. And while I really want Harry/Ginny (Ginny never gets enough love), I also want to read Ron/Hermione and, yes, some Tonks/Remus fic because that 'ship still puzzles me. I don't think JKR gave it enough time in canon and I really, really dislike the fanon idea that it was just Remus replacing Sirius. Fandom, you are not fixing your erasing-women-to-slash-men problem there.

Also, would settle for lots and lots and lots of post-DH fic. MORE HUGO PLEASE. And, weirdly, for the first time, um, more Draco?

tl;dr All I want is fic with canon ships, okay? Why is it so hard to find?????

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Haha, I was just re-reading one of my old favorites ( which was written long before the later books so is wildly not canon, and also does not have canon ships but is not shippy in general, and I like it.

Another one of my favorites:

I feel like my biggest problem with HP fic is (1) I don't like reading new HP fic because I've been in the fandom so long that I feel like I've seen every possible permutation of every possible plot so there is rarely anything new and interesting enough to catch my attention and (2) I don't like rereading old favorites because I've been in the fandom so long that my tastes have evolved and the super-tragic Romeo & Juliet Draco/Ginny fics I used to adore are no longer as appealing and a lot of the interestingly plotty WiPs I used to follow with bated breath either became permanent WiPs that were never finished or finished and then the sequels were underwhelming.

Recs!! *saves*

So, I was barely in the fandom when I was in the fandom? I had so many real world Harry Potter friends I didn't quite need the online fandom in the same way. And I as *obsessed* with the marauders, but it always felt like 99% of the fic was slash and I wasn't interested. So I missed on tons and tons of fic.

But oh my gosh, yes, my tastes have changed! The funny thing is that I barely remember any HP fic? (I do remember Draco Dormiens, does that count?) But it's actually really frustrating after being spoiled in Torchwood fandom for years to go back and read stuff that feels relatively underwhelming.


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