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Logging RIGHT BACK OUT of tumblr now. used to have a page listing all the authors who had requested that there be no fanfics of their works. When I say “used to,” it’s been over a decade since I last checked.

But I need the page for a project and I can’t find it. Anyone have a link? A cached copy? A wayback machine page?

I remember Robin Hobb was on the list. I remember because I was horrified.

I actually cross-posted to tumblr. TUMBLR.

(This entry is also posted on Feel free to comment on either site. Although my dreamwidth background has space! Spaaaace!)

From 2006 but:

Just got the list of authors that on you can't post fanfic from their works:
* Anne Rice
* Archie comics
* Dennis L. McKiernan
* Irene Radford
* J.R. Ward
* Laurell K. Hamilton
* Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
* P.N. Elrod
* Raymond Feist
* Robin Hobb
* Robin McKinley
* Terry Goodkind

I think last time I saw the list, it has George R.R. Martin, too.

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Thank you!!! ♥

It's listed on's Guidelines page that you have to sign before posting something new. The list above looks complete.

You mean I have to log into my account? D:

*cracks knuckles* Ok, let's do this thing.

(Also, THANKS! <3)


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