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January 4
Sometimes, the little things in fanfic can bother you.

When a grown man is carrying another grown man, he has a few options. But unless they are walking only a few feet, honymoon-style-cradle-arms is not the best option. It’s a method that should only be used for children, or very small adults, (or maybe the two feet over a door threshold if the fic is particularly shmooshy). And no, making these two men into lovers does not magically make one of them light enough to be carried pieta-style out of a gunfight and/or through miles of woods/desert/zombie hordes.

Every time I read a story in which one character carries using with significantly less than Superman-strength, it jerks me right out of the fic. I don’t find it romantic, I don’t find it compelling. Mostly, I find it physically improbable.

Especially because there is a real solution!

Over the shoulder, fireman's carry.

Vecchio carrying Fraser fireman style

And don't worry, there's plenty of slash about those two.

(Or, you know, google other options.)

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