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Clearly all I'm posting these days are short fandom observations
I follow the AO3 Torchwood fic feed on Dreamwidth (BECAUSE I DO, OK?) and I would loosely estimate that a little more than a third of the stories posted recently have been crossovers. Which I guess makes sense, if the fandoms for those shows are still going strong.

(I have no idea how strong the Supernatural fandom is these days, but I can say that it's not as in-your-face as it used to be!)

And another third or so seem to be people just reposting their fic from elsewhere. Which is FANTASTIC, because I'm getting lots of really awesome fic onto my nook without having to try and make epubs on my own.

Because having all the fics in a series in one file was GREAT, the time spent getting it there was totally not worth it.

The other third of stories haven't piqued my interest at all, so I have no made up informal data. :D

ETA: If only Batman worked in my office.

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