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All enthusiasm above the cut!
So, my roommate, [personal profile] batyatoon and [personal profile] sdelmonte have all heard my excited rambles about how I would really love to run or help organize a fandom convention dedicated to the back-end of the fandom, i.e. fanworks, forums, fan discussion, fans etc.

And I haven't really seen anything like that* so I was super excited today when I heard about KudosCon, which is a fanworks convention. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(*Last year there was a idea floated about doing a fan-track at Dragon*con. I would have totally loved to help, but D*C shot it down. Boooo.)

Now, there is no way in heck I can make it to Bloomington, MN, especially considering I am blowing all of my con-energy this year into a last Dragon*con hurrah, but I'm hoping it starts a trend and it goes well and stuff gets recorded to put online. And I'll even scroll through tumblr for con reports when I feel up to it!

Lookit!. It's so shiny and fannish! Their "about" sidebar is all "and this person did THIS fannish thing!" :D Tickets start at $40, and you can purchase them on Kickstarter.

Addendum: They don't EXIST yet, and they already have some form of a diversity statement and a harassment policy. And a privacy policy! Which is SO SMART for a fanworks con.


It's not quite what I wanted, which was a fandom convention. Not that a fanworks con won't include a solid 75%-90% of the stuff I was interested in running, but the fans as a group interests me just as much as their work. Why do certain fandoms take off? Why do some last so long? What kinds of people become fans of certain things?

For an example of stuff I would like to discuss that probably won't be at a fanworks con, check out the first six paragraphs or so of this article. It's a quick analysis of the different level of comic books fans, pointing out that by and large, most don't engage on the "digital discussion" level. (Hilariously, I ONLY engage in mainstream comics these days on the discussion level. I read very, very little of what comes out.) But they are still fans! They are spending the time, energy and money to engage in their fandom. The discussion of THAT is something I would love to have, to define only one aspect of a potential con.

I also don't think the top-level membership bracket should be called "BNF level." For better or worse, being a BNF isn't exactly something you can buy and honestly, I would save that term for guests or panelists if I didn't avoid it all together. (Loaded!)


All that junk said, I would seriously love to attend every. single. panel at this con. For serious. Gah, I want fandom meta.

(This entry is also posted on Feel free to comment on either site. Although my dreamwidth background has space! Spaaaace!)

Sometimes I wish I could ask a question of the universe, and it would just tell me the answer. For instance, I'd be really interested in finding out how Welcome to Night Vale became so popular -- not the why's, but the logistics of which people stumbled across it and shared it across which platforms and how the popularity built to current levels. I'd also be really interested in finding out why some stuff gets really popular but doesn't develop as much of a "fannish" popularity, and others do; and, correspondingly, why I am more interested in reading Yuletide fic for certain small fandoms and not at all interested for other small fandoms when I've had roughly the same level of exposure to both.

Oh, man, I would loooove to hear the history of fandoms on that level. I feel like if we gathered enough info, we might be closer to figuring out why certain properties "click" with fandom, or "click" with certain people, and some don't. (Some stuff is obvious on a very general level -- books are harder for fandoms, TV shows are easier in some ways, movies tend toward the flash in the pan, etc.)

Night Vale would be a great one to do now. I had never heard of it, and then suddenly it was everywhere. And I scoped out the site and it doesn't look like they did anything different or particular. It just suddenly caught with fandom (from my perspective at least) and exploded.

If the universe every sends you answers, I would love to know!

Yeah, I only noticed Night Vale because fanfic authors I follow on livejournal and AO3 started posting Night Vale fic and I looked it up to see what it was. And then suddenly it was on tumblr, and then more people on livejournal & AO3 were discussing & writing fic, and then people on unrelated blogs were doing it. My friend pointed out out that part of the weird thing was that it had been around for a year before it suddenly got popular -- usually, really popular fandoms get popular at the outset.

If I had unlimited money and resources, I swear, I would run all sorts of Google analytics and trackers and stuff to figure it out.

Yeah, it is odd for something to get so big a year after it's been out. I mean, it sound like it was something destined to be a popular Yuletide choice, a little obscure but interesting. Instead, I keep finding new people who are fans or some other person writing fic for it!

I've seen some fandoms get bigger over time, but this one was nothing until it was something, and then it snowballed very quickly from there, it seems.

I wonder if it's even possible to do the Google analytics and stuff on this. Fandom is in such weird corners of the internet that some of our stuff seems to get overlooked a lot more often than more "mainstream" stuff...

I would be very very interested in a fandom meta panel. Or con. Or, you know, all the stuff you said. ;) And reading through the comments, I have to say, I also want to ask the same question to the universe about Night Vale! I heard about it through a friend around 2 weeks ago, and like you said, all the sudden, it's EVERYWHERE. I mean, at the con last weekend, it was everywhere, and that's an anime con! There was enough cosplay that it had it's own meet-up/photoshoot. My mind was a little blown. ;)

I was also thinking a lot just about how certain series float to the top, you know? Walking around the artist alley at a con is always a great way to see what's popular, and sometimes the results really surprise me! There's this one anime that's everywhere atm (Attack on Titan) and it's a really good series, but... There are other really good series out there too that hardly get any recognition or fandom following, and it's just really interesting to me, how that all works... *_*

Anyway, I like the idea of this fanworks con, too, though I doubt I'll make the trek to MN for it either, alas. ;)

I was actually floating the idea of just trying to gather some local fandom people together and getting a local space and just having an informal fandom MUSH. (Well, informal as in not-a-con. I would organize it to death.) Because these discussions! I want to have them!

I wonder if anyone is tracking the Welcome to the Night Vale stuff. Because I keep finding it in the most UNEXPECTED corners. Cosplay for a an audio show? AWESOME.

Walking around the artist alley at a con is always a great way to see what's popular, and sometimes the results really surprise me!

OH MY GOSH, YES. It's one of the reasons I always try to check out the Artist Alley space even though I rarely want to buy anything -- it's such an interesting pulse on where a fandom is at the moment. (But at the same time, I weirdly limited view? Because it's only stuff that is financially viable in a certain way to a certain audience, you know?)

Even I've heard about Attack on Titan! other anime really. Why are some so popular at certain times?

I think I'm going to keep an eye out on the MN con and see what happens. :)

*nods* Yeah, that sounds awesome! Do it!! :D

And yeah, it really seems to suddenly be EVERYWHERE. I was on the plane? And granted, this was in Baltimore right after the con, but the people across the aisle were talking about it. :P It's just so interesting to me how people latch on to certain things at certain times. *_*

I am not surprised that you've heard of Attack on Titan! I saw pictures of people cosplaying it at SDCC, even! O_O And I mean, it's a great show, I just think it's odd how so many people have noticed it all at the same time. Especially since it's kind of gory/violent/creepy so it doesn't strike me as something that would necessarily appeal to such a huge audience? IDK. I honestly wasn't planning on watching it from the description I read initially (huge ugly giants that eat people? :P), but then a friend convinced me, so... Yeah, popularity is such a weird thing!

Another example of that is Hannibal, I think. Because I LOVED it, and I think it's a great series, but I definitely didn't think it would appeal to as many people as it has... It just doesn't seem "mainstream" enough to me, and yet... It's everywhere too. O_o

[/rambling] :D

Nope, that's officially EVERYWHERE. I wonder what it's going to be like at Dragon*con. (I wouldn't even recognize it unless it was pointed out to me. Maybe I should do some internet digging so I'm not going in blind...)

It's weird because the premise sounds kinda cool but it's specifically the things you mentioned the "gory/violent/creepy" stuff that have made me stick it on the "check it out later" pile instead of trying to juggle it into my media consumption habits now. But if it's this popular...does it have funny/lighthearted moments as well? Because that seems to be more common in popular stuff, even when the premise is more dark. But really? Who knows!

The fact that Hannibal has gone mainstream is MINDBOGGLING! Like, really? This many people are interested in this stuff? I mean, I was actually surprised when Game of Thrones made it so big, because I was talking to people who wouldn't touch a fantasy book if you PAID them, and yet there they were, every week. People! What!

[rambling is totally awesome!]

I can give you some pointers, lol. (Pointer #1 - anyone with a third eye drawn on their face, holding recording equipment = Night Vale cosplay. :D) But I know what you mean - it's kind of harder than usual to pick them out!

It doesn't have that many lighthearted moments, really. XD;; Every once in a while? But yeah, for the most part, it's a serious, action-driven series, with pretty damn scary looking monsters! So, you know, next time you're in the mood for that kind of thing... ^_~

Yeah, I feel the same way!! And that's a good point about GoT too. I honestly think that with all the online stuff, and tumblr and all that, it's made it easier for genre stuff like that to become mainstream without people even realizing it? Maybe?

Fandom Convention?! Wow...meta

So meta! :D


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