December 23rd, 2009


Because there's obviously always something new at Hulu!

Watching all of X-Men Evolution on Hulu, mostly because I can. It's also the X-Men animation I most enjoy (no, I haven't seen the newest one yet. Shhhhh.) because of the higher production value as compared to the older stuff. What can I say? I like my animation somewhat smooth. I also like the stylization - it's amusingly not the same as Batman: TAS, and yet the comparison is inevitable for so many reasons.

I also caught up on the Astonishing X-Men action comic. Gosh, I remember when I first saw these, when the Crossgen company was promoting Sojourn on AOL. (I feel old) I used to watch them avidly. This was before I was really reading comics seriously, so I don't think I totally understood Crossgen at that point, and I didn't totally get everything, but I enjoyed it. It's kinda funny that the form seems to be making a sudden surge now, but they do translate better to portable platforms (iphones, anyone?) better than real comics ever could.