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Have Been Unavoidably Detained By The World

Expect Me When You See Me

Kirk and Bones Star Trek Reboot Fic!
I was browsing unanswered prompts in the ST XI Kink Meme so I could drabble off something quickly without over-thinking it, and I saw this and thought. "Hmmm, bet they never thought it'd be answered by a non-slasher."

So then I HAD to do it, you see.

Title: I Can Hear Them
Author/Artist: eldarwannabe
Pairing(s): None. The fic star Kirk and Bones, though.
Rating: G
Summary: Written for a request on st_xi_kink: "Post movie, Kirk starts having nightmares. The only time he sleeps through the night? When he crawls into bed with Bones."
Notes/Warnings: Fluff and angst. Not necessarily in that order.

They had finally landed on the moon yesterday.Collapse )