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Dear self, do not forget SCORPIUS
Reason I can't read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I just can't, #1:

There is no way to translate Scorpius into words. No, really. How do you translate the awkward, gangly, baby-fawn of a boy* from the stage? How do you get the scenes where his voice cracks, or pitches badly (he would go up in pitch really endearingly awkwardly at times) or that squeak when he goes up to Draco for a hug and then backs down when he realizes what he was doing and Draco is like "we can, uh, hug?"

Not to mention the moment Scorpius pulls out the time turner from under his pillow and is like "NEW ME CAN DO ANYTHING!"

Basically, Scorpius was perfect and I'm afraid to read how he was written.

*His costuming! They put him in skinny jeans (or at least that's what it looked like) for most of the show and instead of making him hip, it just made him look too tall for himself, like a total teenager.

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I finally read the play! I feel like it would have been better to watch it, but I will live with the fact that I'm not able to go to London to watch a show ...

What did you think????

I know a lot of people who read the book didn't like it (another reason I'm kinda why I'm afraid of reading it) but I would love to hear your opinions!

I def. had lots of problems with it, but I do adore that they address that Harry's probably going to have a lot of struggles while being a father.

I really liked it, actually! But then when my friend texted me her WTF six months ago that the plot of the play sounded like a bad fanfic and apparently Bellatrix's lovechild was timetraveling to be Albus Severus's girlfriend (yes, I was a little spoiled but I tried to block it out), I told her that (1) some things come off better in execution and (2) some things come off better in play form.

I do think that I went into the script more willing to take whatever it chose to throw at me and not really caring if it matched my idea of "canon". I also think the story it told read like a lot of next-generation-Potter fics - which is a good thing to me, not a bad thing. I thought the whole Albus / Scorpius friendship was adorable, that the Albus / Harry friction was not unexpected, and that the story itself was pretty good. I think it would have all been better to see in person, because it can be easier to suspend your disbelief in the course of a play rather than in reading the book. I think my biggest issue was that I wanted to smack Albus on the side of the head MULTIPLE times, but that also describes my opinion of Harry for the majority of the fifth book, so I suppose it's really like father, like son in that respect.

And of course (spoilers aside), I knew that Delphi was evil as soon as she agreed to the plan because no adult would agree to that plan unless they were (1) stupid or (2) evil. Who thinks it's a good idea to change the past??? Other than every character in every time travel story ever, I guess. I actually thought it might have been a better idea, if time travel were permanent, to "bring" Cedric to the future. He would have skipped like forty years, it would be difficult for him, but he would still appear to be dead in the past, and the past wouldn't have changed, and he would have gotten the chance to live. (In other news: Harry letting James and Lily die was SUPER TRAGIC.)

Hm, I was also impressed that they acknowledged Albus Dumbledore was super morally ambiguous in a lot of respects.

I also don't know why they blamed original-universe!Harry for Gryffindor-Albus-universe!Harry's decision to keep Albus and Scorpius separated because ... I mean, that was an alternate universe so it wasn't the same guy's decision? I don't think?

Not sure what other thoughts I had but I would definitely want to watch this play!

Yaaay!!! Yeah, I kinda dislike that people keep using "fanfiction" as a shorthand descriptor for "bad." In this story, I thought it hit all these things that I wouldn't have expected and I loved, like struggling Dubmledore's legacy and Harry's trauma, etc.

Albus was such an idiot, but he was also 14, so at least he's one year ahead of Harry being an idiot?

So, in the play, Delphi doesn't look any older than Albus and Scoripus. Which is partly casting (Albus and Socrpius have to be over 18 to have such big parts every night in London theatre.) and partly the way they dressed her - she had ripped jeans and multi-colored hair and just looked really young. Until she said the line that no one would believe she's from Durmstrang because she looked too old I thought she was around 18. I thought they were setting us up for a new trio - Albus, Sorpisu, Delphi. (Meanwhile, one of my friends was POSITIVE she was evil before the intermission and held her tongue while we spent the whole intermission squeeing.)

I think they did a bad job figuring out how time travel was supposed to work, but I don't think it would have been possible to bring Cedric to the future. There was no action to take when they went to the future, IIRC. They were just suddenly "jerked" back to the future when it had been too long. A friend pointed out that they just should have stopped Cedric from putting his name in the cup if they really wanted to change the past. The justification for the whole framing device was...messy.

Harry letting James and Lily die was SUPER TRAGIC. IT WAS SO TRAGIC TO WATCH AS WELL. Harry sobbed onstage, which was just heart-wrenching to watch.

I think the idea was that original-universe!Harry did something equivalent to what Gryffindor-Albus-universe!Harry did in terms of keeping Albus and Severus separated. But it must have been different because in original-universe, Albus and Severus share a common room! That said, I didn't blame him too much for that - we KNOW Harry has an out-of-control saving-people-thing and this was his son. I think him being irrational is to be expected.

I want to see the play again so badly. Originally I didn't want to spoil the magic of that one night, but screw that. If/when it comes to NY I'm going to buy tons and tons of tickets. (Let's go together!!!)


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