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January 12
(Apologies in advance for some of the upcoming posts, guys. This week is going to be very busy.)

There are lots of times I wish that fandom would explore serious platonic love more often in stories. Obviously this is a cultural thing in general, not unique to fandom. But I'd give lots of love to more "besties eating ice cream" fic alongside the 300 ~new~ ways two dudes can do it.

And I mean, the funny part is that I've been blessed with some lovely Ianto-frienship fic over the years. Possibly because ongoing ensemble casts with canon gay couples are less likely to break up the canon couples when they explore character relationships. And Inception fandom tends to have some fun ideas about Arthur's friendship with Dom (and/or Mal.)

But in the spirit of friendSHIPPING, I've started to draft some "Friendship kink meme requests." Feel free to add your own. :D

A and B could be main characters, side character, background characters, fanon characters…(FIGWIT FTW.)


A and B hate each other but have to GO UNDERCOVER as best friends! Bonus if they have to do each other's nails and/or do some manly shooting range bonding.

A discovers some HIDDEN DARK SECRET about B's past! Will this change their relationship forever?

A and B keep their friendship SECRET from everyone else! But then C finds out!

A pretends to hate B in public, but really they go out every weekend to see the latest Hollywood release. (Bonus points if B thinks that A loves raisinets but really A loves peanut-butter M&M's!)

A and B grew up as best friends but then something tragic happened in their teenage years and they haven't spoken since!

B is SERIOUSLY INJURED and A has to save hir! Bonus points for hurt/comfort and snuggles!

A has been dumped by hir significant other. B sees an opportunity for friendship times!

B starts getting close to the new kid at school/work/secret government organization. A starts getting jealous.

A works at a coffee shop and B is the grumpiest customer on Tuesday mornings.

B is a librarian and see's A's AWESOME taste in books. B starts plotting friendship.

A has a secret child and B finds out! Bonus points if B decides to stick around and help raise the baby.

A finds out that B is an alien/vampire/werewolf. But A is a alien/vampire/werewolf hunter! Can their friendship ever last?


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There are lots of times I wish that fandom would explore serious platonic love more often in stories.

Are you me? I think you're secretly me! I love friendship fics so much. SO MUCH. Where romance never enters the equation (or sexual tension or anything like that). I especially love male-female friendships. That's why I liked that show Ugly Betty so much - the 2 main leads, 1 male & 1 female, were never in any way pushed into a romantic setting (until the very ending and I was disappointed). There was never a 'will they-won't they?' vibe (not to me anyway, I don't know if that show had a fandom) and they were always supportive of each other and most of their other relationships. They were total bros and it was awesome. I want to see that in more TV shows, but it just never happens. I'd love to see it more in fandom, too.

HI BRAIN TWIN. We should probably hang out more next time we are in the same place at the same time...

Oh my gosh, I forgot to specify that I really want friendships without the sexual tension. The second fandom chooses a couple to pair, every interaction is full of important looks and meaningful silences. Sometimes people are just friends! Even men and women! Even straight men and women!

I've only ever caught the occasional episode of Ugly Betty, but you're making it sound really appealing. "Total bros" is right up my alley.

I want to attend DragonCon again one year. This time I will be better prepared and make actual plans to hang with ppl!

Yes, sometimes people are just friends! I have lots of friends and, while I can appreciate the fact that they're attractive, I'm not attracted to them in a physical or sexual way! IT HAPPENS! With straight men and women or even gay men and lesbians. OR EVEN THOSE MYTHICAL BISEXUALS. WE HAVE FRIENDS TOO THAT WE DON'T WANT TO BONE!

So yeah, more of that, please, in our media would be great.

And Ugly Betty was a crazy show, with lots of drama - it WAS based on a Mexican soap opera - but also comedy and a great friendship at its core. It's really only in the last episode, I think, where they hint at romance between the 2 leads, who've been friends for YEARS by that point. You should check it out!

Yes! I would love to hang at Dragon*con! (I'm not going to make it next year, but we can be in touch!)

YES YES YES!! I have A LOT of friends I find attractive (both in looks and personality) but have no sexual attraction towards! I don't want to sleep with them just because we banter! *headdesk*

I'm almost tempted to go write a BFF fic of a super-popular fandom couple, just because.

I am in great need of more comedy in my life. And I'm clearly a sucker for besties. *adds it to the list*

I'm always way more invested in the friendships than the romantic relationships in canons. A lot of my favourite shows tend to be favourites because of the great canon friendships, male/male, male/female and especially female/female, but oddly I don't really read a lot of friendship fics. Maybe because generally most of the canons I watch tend to get that aspect pretty right and already make me pretty happy so I'd much rather watch them over and over than read fic about it. I do kind of wish Torchwood had done more with the friendships. They did a pretty good job with the Gwen/Jack friendship and I guess Tosh/Owen had their friendship ,although I preferred the s2 version to what we got in s1, and I really liked the Gwen/Owen relationship once they got past the affair phase. But I loved the hints at Jack and Tosh's friendship and felt that mostly kind of got dropped and Ianto and Owen and their weird siblings/dad's new partner/child relationship they had going on in a few scenes and I loved it the few times Tosh and Ianto got scenes together. Even Jack and Ianto didn't really get all that many platonic moments even as a prelude to their romantic relationship which I always thought was kind of a pity.

Friendship is decently explored in TV shows, although sometimes I think fandom could do more if they so desired.

Oh my gosh, the Jack & Tosh friendship was soooo interesting and full of potential and incredibly underutilized. I think I can recall...two? fics that explored it as an idea, but even fandom didn't play with those canon hints as much. And the show just sort of dropped it. Fandom loved Ianto and Tosh as friends, though. And the show only gave hints of that as well.

As an ensemble cast, they did a pretty decent job with the friendship aspects of Torchwood. Mostly in these fleeting moments, you know? Like, we didn't see as much overall development, but we would see these sincere flashes of friendship. One of my favorite moments was Tosh and Gwen before Gwen's wedding because while it was clear that they care about each other, they are unbearable awkward together. And they let that be in the show!

Haha, I love the last one.

The best thing about friendships is they are, very often, solid. Moreso than romantic relationships because you can't really tell an extended romantic story without the break up/get back together cycle. Friendships change and evolve, but not in the way romantic relationships do. They tend to be underrated because of that, people like seeing the more extreme emotions of romantic relationships.

I think romantic relationships just fit into a much neater archetype. Friendships are weird and varied and unpredictable and unstructured in so many ways that it's harder to make universal friendship stories.

But let me tell you, I have been in MASSIVE FRIENDSHIP DRAMA before. Stable? Ha! Underrated? Definitely.

That's very true. Romantic relationships have those archetypal milestones you're all expected to go through. Friendships vary a lot from that.


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